Lash me up, girl!

Posted: March 23, 2018

When I find the perfect false lashes that compliment my eyes and work with every makeup look, I get a feeling of glee like, “These are the ones!” It’s tough to find lashes that are just right in terms of length, style, and comfort. Quick side note: I did receive lashes from the company for free in exchange for posts on Instagram, but all opinions are my own, and this post is written in appreciation for the brand! Lash Me Up Girl is a unique, up and coming company. I love that they have a country-style theme to their lashes. I have two pairs of lashes from them, in styles “Ready to Run” (pictured above) and “Buttercups”. Both styles are so lovely, I like to wear Ready to Run on a night out, and Buttercups during the day for a wispier look.

Photo courtesy of @lashmeupgirl

What’s most important to me when it comes to false lashes is not just the style, but the band. If something’s going to be stuck on my eyelid for hours at a time, it better be comfortable! Both lashes have a soft band that’s easily bendable to mold to the shape of your eye. You know that annoying feeling when your lash is coming off at the inner corner of the eye due to the band being too stiff? Not a problem with these! Lash Me Up Girl is still a young company, given that they don’t have a website yet, but you can still order lashes through their Instagram here. If you want stunning, great quality lashes, I highly recommend Lash Me Up Girl! And of course, you can use my code “Cecilleeelash15” to get any pair for only $15!

Lash style “Ready to Run”

Pillow Talk

Posted: March 12, 2018

Three years later, this is still one of my favorites from all the shoots that I’ve done. The set up was a white comforter spread across a hardwood floor, a set of windows, and a light box. Can’t believe it’s so simple, right? I remember it was a rainy day in Oakland too, but we were still able to get this soft, perfect lighting. This was shot by Collin Young aka @imagewonder. His style is a bit different now, but so is mine. Gone are the days when I would throw on a bodysuit or bralette with some shorts and awkwardly pose in front of a camera, hoping that at least 2 out of 500 shots would come out decent. It was definitely fun while it lasted, but at this stage of my life it’s not the most appropriate thing to do, nor is it the look that I’m going for. I still like to look back at old photoshoot albums and reminisce on the days when I was ten pounds lighter and didn’t really have any eyeshadow skills…

I still want to do photoshoots in my spare time, but for entirely different reasons and a whole different type of wardrobe. I’m excited to see what the future brings both in reality and on social media. Shoutout to Albert at @illbethings for helping me make the most of what I have already created and inspiring me to do even more. Here’s to a start of something new!