My Injectable Filler Experience at Skin Refine Medspa

Posted: April 22, 2019


Lips still swollen, but I really loved how they looked here (This was taken about a week after)

I’ll be honest and admit that I too, was sucked into the whole Kylie Jenner pouty lip craze but it took me 2 years to finally bite the bullet and schedule an appointment for lip fillers. To be fair, my top lip has always been uneven on one side and I always had to overline the left side so it somewhat matched the ride side. I went into Skin Refine for my first lip filler appointment back in July 2018. Sandy is the master injector at Skin Refine and she recommended that I use Restylane instead of Juvederm. They’re both made out of hyaluronic acid, but just different brands (Think Mercedes vs. BMW). She mentioned that Restylane lasts a little longer than Juvederm and there is a less chance of bumps. The photo on the left is a few days after my initial appointment – as you can see, my lips are pretty huge and still swollen. They warned me that I would like my lips more during the swelling period (they were right!).


6/10 in terms of pain. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but the lips are a sensitive area and they do have to poke you about 10 or more times! They do numb you beforehand and the filler is laced with lidocaine, but you can still feel the pinch of the needle and feel the filler going in. It actually feels really weird but the entire process is quick and the results are worth it! Your lips will feel tender/sore/hard for a few days after, and then the filler will soften up and your lips will be back to normal!


I went in thinking that I was only going to use half a syringe but we ended up using the whole thing! It’s recommended to take arnica tablets before and apply arnica ointment after the treatment to prevent bruising. Also, avoid alcohol, green tea, and any medications that could thin your blood. I wouldn’t say that I bruise easily, but I did end up getting a few bruises on my lips a few hours after the procedure. The bruises darkened over the next few days but then quickly disappeared. You’re able to wear lip products a few hours after/the next day so it was pretty easy to cover up, and there was no pain associated with the bruise, just a little tenderness.


The filler lasted about 5 months until I saw the results decrease a bit so I went back for a little touch-up. About half a syringe of Juvederm Vollure was used this time around and again, my lips were swollen for about a week. Minimal bruising this time. The photo below are my lips a couple days after the procedure. Keep in mind that I still overline them a little bit but when I don’t have any lip product on them, they look super natural (and even!!) and most people can’t tell that I have filler.


Restylane Defyne

Duration: Effective for up to 18 months from baseline with re-treatment at 4.5 or 9 months

Price: $750 per syringe ($650 if you mention my name when booking)

Juvederm Vollure

Duration: Up to 12 months or longer

Price: $750 per syringe ($650 if you mention my name when booking)

After first touch-up, volume and shape was restored


It’s been about four months since my last touch-up and my lips are still looking good – the shape and volume are still present and I don’t feel like I need to go in for another touch-up anytime soon. I was told that when you get filler over filler, the results will last even longer and you can slowly build that up. I’m 110% satisfied with my lip fillers and I can’t say enough good things about the entire experience and the results. Skin Refine is a beautiful facility and the staff are experienced and professional. I don’t think I’ll trust anyone else with my face other than Sandy.

(Fast forward 3 months)

Okay, I’m hooked. Injectables are like magic. They’re made to enhance your natural features and my interest has skyrocketed ever since I got my lips done. People have been getting a non-surgical nose job using filler, defining their jaw line, and removing dark under eye circles among many other uses. I’ve been so intrigued, so I went back for more!


I’ve never really had defined cheekbones and that’s probably just the way my face is structured. I wanted to see what filler could do for me in terms of lifting my cheeks and giving me a more “naturally” contoured face. So I recently went back to Skin Refine and Sandy used two syringes of Restylane Lyft on my cheekbones – one on each side. She mentioned that you have to “build” cheekbones, so I wasn’t going to get intense cheeks after one syringe, but that it was going to be a very subtle change and a slight lift. See photo below for my before (right) and after (left).

It’s hard to see in photos, but you can tell that the light hits my face a little higher in the photo on the right vs. the photo on the left. I can notice an enhanced curve of my cheekbone from the side so the results are most visible at an angle. Most people couldn’t even tell that I got filler in my cheek! I definitely wasn’t expecting too much, but I am pleased with the results because applying contour and highlight is so much fun now! I notice that my highlight is higher and my contour is slightly deeper.


Product: Restylane Lyft (contains 0.3% lidocaine)

Overall duration: Up to 12 months

Price: $750 per syringe ($650 if you mention my name when booking)


4/10. They numb you for this procedure as well but you’ll still feel the pinch and filler going in. The difference was that this time, I could even hear the liquid going in as well as feel it. Super weird experience! Sandy applied a lot of pressure in the area after the procedure to “secure” the filler and my cheeks felt sore after and for the next day or so. I slept on my back for two nights to avoid disturbing the filler and the day after I found it kind of hard to smile. So I had RBF for two days but now, 5 days later, everything has gone back to normal and there’s no more soreness. I would definitely say that the lips are more painful than the cheeks.


No bruising!!


Overall, I’m satisfied with my initial experience with cheek filler. Will I get it again? Maybe! I hope this post was helpful in sharing my experience with injectable fillers. I am in no way encouraging anyone to go out and get fillers, but for those who are intrigued and/or interested, I say go for it! As you can see, the results are subtle most of the time, and you can always build it up later on if you decide to. Make sure you do your research beforehand when choosing a medical spa. I recommend going to Skin Refine Medspa in Sunnyvale because their staff are top-notch and they know what they’re doing! If you don’t believe me, check out all their 5-star Yelp reviews! They offer free consultations as well. If you decide to book, be sure to mention that I referred you to receive $100 off your injectables!

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